The Kala Sarpa Yoga is a combination of two words namely the Kala and Sarpa. Kala means the time personified. It is the time which is responsible for bringing out the changes in this phenomenal world. Kala also implies death of death of the individual of the phenomenon. The Sarpa means the serpent. When the serpent bites the person dies a silent death. The death is nothing but a reorganization of various elements of nature. The changes are going on every moment. The difference between the routinely regular changes and the changes brought about by the Kala Sarpa Yoga is that the former are gradual and do not necessarily mean the end of the phenomenon. In the former case there may be some steps that on being taken may delay those changes. In the latter it is often impossible to think of them much less to effect them. They are too quick to be remedied. What is Kala Sarpa Yoga remains to be explained.