Ketu Maharaaj

Own House : 6

Best Houses : 3, 6, 9, 10, 12

Weak Houses : 8, 7, 11
Colour : Black-White
Enemy Planets : Moon, Mars
Friendly Planets : Venus, Rah
Neutral Planets : Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Sun
Exalted : 5, 9, 12
Debilitated : 6, 8
Time : Early in the morning (Sunrise)
Day : Sunday
Disease : Joints, Urine, Feet, Legs
Substitute : Venus + Saturn (Supervisor)
Moon + Saturn (Inferior)

Ketu – black-white coloured, blessed with son, travelling and propriety. If Rahu is the supporter of evil, Ketu supports good deeds.

Objects related to Ketu are son, grandson (daughter’s son), child, advisor, farsightedness, dog, pig, lizard, male-bird, donkey, rabbit, porter, innocent rat, interest, ear, leg, spinal chord, cat’s eye, sesame, sour, banana, black-white blanket, tamarind, cot, onion, garlic, etc.
Jupiter helps Ketu to overcome its wakness and enable it to give auspicious effects. Moon and Mars are inimical to Ketu. Hence whenever they unite with Ketu, it becomes debilitated. That is why when natal wears gold in ears; it increases the power of Ketu and gives power to natal to give birth to son.

Like Rahu, Ketu is also a chhaya graham (shadow planet), i.e. it is not believed to have an independent existence as a planet. It is associated with Saturn.


Ketu is strange looking, black-white smoked or coloured. The person dominated by the influence of Ketu is lean and short. The upper portion of the body is heavily built but the lower part is comparatively thin. He has big ears and the temple region is quite prominent. The eyes are red and he has loud voice. He is possessed by inferior desires, is obstinate and cruel in temperament. If Ketu is favourable the person proves to be extremely loyal to his master or anyone he considers as his mentor.

Ketu governs ears, feet, almost the entire body except the head portion, backbone, urinary tube, etc. It regulates penance, silence, salvation, greed, slandering names of others, speaking, hearing, etc.

Relation with zodiac and other planets

Ketu is associated with the zodiac Pisces. It holds an exalted position when placed in the house of Sagittarius.

Friends : Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu
Enemies : Sun, Moon, Mars
Neutral : Jupiter

Ketu according to Lal Kitab

Ketu is a great advisor, a messenger of peace and the lord of voyage. It is the planet which extends its support to the person till the end of his life but if it is unfavourable it beats the person in some way or the others and deprives him of everything. No matter how badly it may afflict a person but he never goes to the extreme of killing him.
Ketu tends to be beneficial if it is placed with Jupiter. It acts as a seat of Jupiter on which Jupiter mediates or sits like a faithful dog of the saint which is none else but Jupiter.

Ketu tends to be a means to salvation. It is generally pleased by offering chapatis to dogs.

House of Ketu

The house is generally related with children. The environment is not good. The people living there often face deception. The house is located in a corner. Either there are houses on three sides with one side vacant or there is a house on one side while the remaining three sides around the house are open. There shall not be more than three sons or grandsons. If there is one son, then he shall have three grandsons but if he has three sons then only one son and grandson shall survive. There will be a road leading to two sides from the front of the house. One of its adjoining house would be in ruins or an open field where dogs roam about