These are following Ketu Mahadasha under of Antar Dasha

(1) Ketu-Ketu

(2) Ketu-Venus

(3) Ketu-Sun

(4) Ketu-Moon

(5) Ketu-Mars

(6) Ketu-Rahu

(7) Ketu-Jupiter

(8) Ketu-Saturn

(9) Ketu-Mercury


Effect of the Antar Dasha of Ketu in the Maha Dasha of KetuPrudence and intelligence may be disturbed and public criticism is possible.There may be conflicts with wicked women, harm to son and wife or far of death.Wealth and happiness are destroyed and there may be pain due to fire and enemies.Happiness from wife and children , recognition from the king (government), but mental agony, gain of land, village.Heart disease, defamation, destruction of wealth and cattle, distress to wife and children , instability of mind, etc.There will be danger from disease , great distress and separation fromkinsmen.


VENUSEffect of the Antar Dasha of Venus in the Maha Dasha of KetuModerate amount of wealth may be attained.Wife and children may be ailing, there may be conflicts with them, bliss of wife may be disturbed and there is a possibility of separation.Friends and dear ones may be harmed and there may be disagreements with them. There may be fear of demotion.Ailments caused by heat and fever may cause pain.Beneficence from the king, good fortune, gain of clothes etc., recovery of lost kingdom ( reinstatement in a high position in government), comforts of conveyances, etc.,

visits to sacred shrines, and gain of lands and villages by the beneficence of the king (government).There will be dawn of fortune.Sound health, well being in the family, and gains of good food and conveyances, etc.There will be quarrels without any cause, loss of wealth, distress of cattle.There will be quarrels with kinsmen, headaches, eye troubles, heart disease defamation, loss of wealth and distress to cattle and wife .Physical distress and mental agony will be caused.


Effect of the Antar Dasha of Sun in the Maha Dasha of KetuThere may be pain due to state displeasure because of enmity with some officials.There may be obstacles in work and business, migration and happiness may be disturbed.Father or some elderly person may suffer harm, there maybe opposition with dear ones and sudden problems may arise.Physical pain and ailments caused by cough and fever may strike.The effects like gains of wealth, beneficence of the king, performance of pious deeds, and fulfillment of all ambitions.Danger from the king (government), separation from parents, journeys to foreign lands, distress from thieves, snakes, and poison, punishment by government, antagonism with the friends, sorrows, danger from fever, There will be physical fitness, gain of wealth or the birth of a son, success in performance of pious deeds, headship of a small village,Obstacles in availability of food, fears, and loss of wealth and cattle.

There will be distress at the commencement of the Antar Dasha with some mitigation at its end.


Effect of the Antar Dasha of Moon in the Maha Dasha of Ketu Inspite of great efforts the gains may be limited.Happiness and unhappiness may be attained, wealth may be acquired and both auspicious and inauspicious events may occur.Wife, children and servants may be overcome by laziness and lethargy, one’s son may be harmed and the mind may be disturbed.Effects like recognition from the king ( government), enthusiasm, well being, enjoyments acquisition of a house, land, etc.Abnormal gains of food, clothes, conveyances, cattle, etc., success in business construction of reservoirs, etc., and happiness to wife and children The beneficial results will be realized fully if Moon is waxing.Unhappiness and mental agony, obstacles in ventures, separation from parents, losses in the business, destruction of cattle, etc.There will be the acquisition of a cow of cows, land, agricultural lands, meeting kinsmen and the achievement of success through them, increase in cows milk and curd.Cordial relations with the king ( government) in he middle portion of the Antar Dasha Danger from the king (government ) foreign journey or journeys to distant places in the end of Antar Dasha.Loss of wealth, anxiety, enmity with kinsmen and distress to brother.


Effect of the Antar Dasha of Mars in the Maha Dasha of Ketu One may attain defame in work involving courage and there is a possibility of quarrels with neighbors.Work and business may suffer losses and the company of wicked persons may cause pain.There may be enmity towards wife, son, younger brother and family members.

There may be physical pain due to ailments, poison and burning sensation.The king may cause pain and friends may be destroyed.Effects like acquisition of land, village, etc., increase in wealth and cattle, laying out of a new garden, gain of wealth by the beneficence of the king.There will be gain of land and enjoyment There will be recognition from the king, great popularity and reputation and happiness from children and friends.There will be fear of death or disaster during a foreign journey, diabetes, unnecessary troubles and danger from thieves and the king and quarrels.High fever, danger from poison, distress to wife, mental agony.There will be enjoyment and gain of property.


Effect of the Antar Dasha of Rahu in the Maha Dasha of Ketu There is a possibility of physical ailments and accidents. Mental agony and disturbance of happiness may occur.Fear of king and thieves prevail, enmity with wicked people and obstacle in all work may occur. Increase of wealth and gain of wealth, grains, cattle, lands and village from a Yavan king ( high dignitary of a foreign country.)There will be some trouble at the commencement of the Dasha but all will be well later.Frequent urination , weakness in the body, cold fever, danger from thieves, intermittent fever, opprobrium quarrels, diabetes, pain in stomach.


Effect of the Antar Dasha of Jupiter in the Maha Dasha of Ketu Faith in God and elders prevail.The king will be favorable, there will be contacts with recognized people and financial condition remain good.Sympathy, philanthropy and a cool mentality cause happiness.Good health prevails, fame, land and bliss of son are attained Increase in wealth and grains, beneficence of the king, enthusiasm, gain of conveyances, etc., celebration like birth of a son at home, performance of pious deeds, Yagyas, conquest of the enemy and enjoyments.Danger from thieves, snakes, and wounds, destruction of wealth, separation from wife and children, physical distress, etc.Some good effects may be felt at the commencement of the Antar Dasha, there will be only adverse results later.There will be gains of many varieties of garments, ornaments by the beneficence of the king, foreign journeys, taking care of kinsmen, availability of decent food


Effect of the Antar Dasha of Saturn in the Maha Dasha of KetuLack of ethical behaviour and mental restlessness prevails.The mind is agonized and fearful, there are conflicts with friends and one may have to leave one’s native place.Loss of wealth and position and anxiety about money is possible.Effects like distress to oneself and one’s kinsmen, agony, increase in cattle wealth.Loss of wealth as a result of imposition of fines by government, resignation from the existing post, journeys to foreign lands, and danger of thieves during travelling.There will be loss of wealth and lethargy.Success in all ventures, happiness from the employer, comforts during journeys, increase in happiness and property in ones own village, audience with the king ( visits to high dignitaries).There will be physical distress, agony, obstacles in ventures, lethargy, defamation, death of parents.


Effect of the Antar Dasha of Mercury in the Maha Dasha of Ketu Prudence and intelligence prevails and education brings happiness Job and business brings moderate gains and the financial condition improves.There may be contacts and assistance from friends. At the end of the dasha there may be obstacles in work, wasteful expenditure and mental agony.Effects like acquisition of a kingdom (attainment of a high position in government), enjoyment, charities, gain of wealth and land, birth of a son, celebration of religious functions and functions like marriage suddenly, well- being in the family, gain of clothes, ornaments.There will be association with men of learning, dawn of fortune, and listening to religious discourses.Antagonism with government officials, residing in other people’s houses, destruction of wealth, clothes conveyances, and cattle.There will be some beneficial effects at the commencement of the Dasha, still better results in the middle but inauspicious at the end.There will be good health, happiness from one’s son, opulence and glory, availability of good food and clothes, and abnormal profits in business.Distress, unhappiness and troubles to wife and children, and danger from the king (government ) may be expected at the commencement of the Antar Dasha.There will, however, be visits to sacred places in the middle of the Dasha