Rahu Maharaaj


Own House : 12
Best Houses : 3, 4, 6

Weak Houses : 1, 2, 5, 7-12

Colour : Blue
Enemy Planets : Sun, Mars, Venus
Friendly Planets : Saturn, Mercury, Ketu
Neutral Planets : Jupiter, Moon
Work : Related with Electricity
Exalted : 3, 6
Debilitated : 8, 9, 11
Time : Noon
Day :wednesday evening
Disease : Fever
Substitute : Mars + Saturn (Supervisor)
Sun + Saturn (Inferior)

Rahu is the friend of the deprived. It acts as the assistant of Saturn if it seated with it. But if it is placed in the house before Saturn if is seated with it. But if it is placed in the house before Saturn then the natal shall become a king or an administrator. If it falls under the aspect of Rahu then the effect of Sun is very benificial, but if Saturn falls in it’s aspect, then Rahu becomes inferior. It is a shadow planet and the the lord of Capricorn. It’s favourable signs are Gemini (3), Virgo (6), Pisces (12), Capricorn (6) while inimical signs are Cancer (4), Leo (5).

Rahu governs valour, courage, obesity, wrestling, sin, action, sorrow, worry, trouble, etc.

In the absence of Mars, Rahu behaves like the unruly elephant. It brings obstacles to the house where it sits.

Astrology also does not accept physical acceptance of Rahu and Ketu. They are known as chhaya graha (shadow planets). The function of Rahu and Ketu, it is believed, is to put obstacles and not allow any work to be completed.

According to the mythological references, Rahu is the son of the demon Harinyakashyap’s daughter Singhika. In Puranas, it is referred to as a snake who stung the sun.


Rahu is black, blue or smoke coloured. it is very ugly, terrific, tall and has a gigantic and huge body. it apparently looks like an old person and has a prominent chin. It’s eyes are small like that of an elephant or it is single eyed. It suffers from ailments related to acidity. It is non-religious, foolish, hypocrite and enjoys speaking ill of others and slandering their reputation. It is a liar and shameless creature. It is as selfish as a cat and always on the lookout for destructive ways.
The person ruled by Rahu is fond of collecting things but does not take care of them properly. In its favourable position Rahu helps in unveiling secret mysteries. It helps one in obtaining justice, is social reformer, but it believes in ancient traditions.
Rahu governs the head portion of the body, arms, chin, nape and thoughts. It regulates conspiracy, plot hatching, deception, lying, forming a group, black marketing, spreading rumours, dreams, etc.
Relation with zodiacs and other planets
Rahu holds his position in the zodiac Virgo. It has an exalted position in the house of Gemini and is debilitated with Aquarius.
Friends : Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Ketu
Enemies : Sun, Moon, Mars
Neutral : Jupiter

Rahu according to Lal Kitab Rahu is the lord of imagination and thinking capability of the man in the universe. It helps man in protecting him by vanquishing enemies. It soothes the person on being hurt.
Rahu is the lord of blue expanse of the sky. If it is favourable it is capable of making the world bow before him, but if malicious, it can harm the person by way of lightening, earthquake, volcano, theft, robbery, or any kind of deception.
Rahu and Ketu do not have any mount in palm the palm of the hand but are reflected as net (Rahu) and trishul and swastika (Ketu). Rahu is pleased by donation of radish and dropping coal in flowing water. If Rahu is weak in a person’s horoscope, he should give broken lentin gram (Masoor Dal) to the sweeper in the morning. It is also beneficial to give money as a charity to the sweeper. Barley can be kept at the bedside and distributed among the animals or poor. House of Rahu There may be an unseen hole in the right hand side of the house when the person under the influence of Rahu is entering his house. There may be an outlet of water just under the main entrance. The neighbour living just opposite the house may be childless or no one might be living in that house. Terrace of the house might have been renovated several times but the walls might have remained the same. Dirty water might be accumulated just beside the house or there may be smoke emitting from next door