Rahu gets more in to power (activated) from sunset to sunrise. So to curse the day time he imposes a Rahu Kaal of 45 mins.When the Sunrise of a place is 6.00 AM, the following Timings will operate “RAHU KAAL”

1. SUNDAY:- 04.30 pm TO 6.00 pm

2. MONDAY:- 07.30 am TO 9.00 am

3. TUESDAY:- 03.00 pm TO 4.30 pm

4. WEDNESDAY:- 12.00 noon TO 1.30 pm

5. THURSDAY:- 01.30 pm TO 3.00 pm

6. FRIDAY:- 10.30 am TO 12.00 noon

7. SATURDAY:- 09.00 am TO 10.30 am

Rahu Kaal represents the inauspicious hours of a day. As per Hindu Astrology, Rahu Kaal occurs between sunrise and sunset for about one and half hours. Rahu Kaal for each day in a week is different and is calculated at sunrise and sunset. No auspicious work is to be initiated or journey undertaken during this time since it will not yield a positive or constructive result. It is believed that Rahu Kaal will not affect the work, journey or trade already in progress. The sale or purchase of any assets is also discouraged during Rahu Kaal.