The effects of nodes are most pronounced during the time of eclipses. It is not only the duration of the eclipse that is curial. It is from sometimes (nearly six months) earlier and later than the eclipses that they become effective. This is so because in all astrological calculations the position of earth vis-a-visa the luminaries, that is, the Sun and Moon is taken into account. In the west they give due importance to the Sun sign only. The Hindus regard Moon sign also as equally important.

aThe question is how do these eclipses occur. It is necessary that Sun. Moon and the earth are all in one straight line. According to Surya Siddhanta the shadow of earth is exactly 180 degrees away from the Sun. When Moon entres this shadow of the earth there is a lunar eclipse. This happens only on full Moon day because Moon is 180 degrees away from Sun only on this occasion. Solar eclipse falls when Moon is between the earth and Sun and Suns rays are intercepted by Moon. This happens when the Moon and Sun are almost conjunct. It is the last day of the dark fortnight called Amavasya according to the Hindu calendar. The eclipses however, do not fall on each of these occasions. In the case of solar eclipse any of the node (Rahu or Ketu) is within 15 degrees of the Sun’s longitude. If this difference is within 15 degree (less than 15 degrees) the eclipse is assured. If the degrees are between 15 and 18 there is a possibility of eclipse. If the difference is more than 18 degrees there are no chances of eclipse. In case of lunar eclipse Rahu or Ketu should be 9 degrees or less away from Sun. Eclipse is sure to take place in such cases. In case the distance is between 9 and 13 degrees there are chances of an eclipse. If this distance is beyond 13 degrees there is no likelihood of lunar eclipse.

The sages says that the effect of solar eclipse lasts for several years if it fall in the fixed sign of the zodiac that is in Taurus Leo. Scorpio or Aquarius. If the eclipse fall in mutable signs that is Gemini. Virgo, Sagittarious or Pisces the effects starts earlier and continue for long periods. If it occurs in cardinal signs the effect lasts for short term. The eclipses affect the entire society. In Brihat Samhita, Varaha Mihira has given the results on countries. We are here concerned more with natal charts and hence we discuss them with reference to the natal charts. Followings effects may be expected in general according to the occurrence of the eclipse in terms of the natal charts subject to the placement and position of the planets in them.

1. If the eclipse falls in the 19th asterism from the birth asterism of the native, causes bad effects.
2. The effects of solar eclipse last for as many years as the duration of the eclipse lasts in hours. If it lasts one hours, its effects will last for about a year. The effect of lunar eclipse are to be felt as many months after as the duration of the eclipse is in terms of hours.
3. The affairs of that house of the natal chart where the eclipse has occurred will be disturbed.
4. The most dangerous effect are felt if the eclipse falls on the Sun, Moon or ascendant.
5. An eclipse falling on a natal planet weakens the effect of that planet signified in the radical map. The eclipse in opposition to a natal planet enhances the power of that planet. It is the point of eclipse in this case that suffers.
6. Transit of the planets over the eclipse point will have the maximum effects regarding to the significations of the transiting planet. If the planet in transit becomes stationary the effect will be felt the most.

Significations of planet for this purpose are :-

Mercury- intellectual, discriminating and mental faculties, business and aunts etc.
Venus – Domestic and social affairs and sisters.
Mars – Brothers; Sun- father; Moon- Mother;
Jupiter – Uncles; Saturn- sometimes indicates father, and
Venus – Mother according to the time of birth in day or night.
7. If the lunar eclipse falls in the Sun sign. If the disc is unaspected by Jupiter, the native shall suffer.
The effects outlined above are the general effects. The effects on each house shall be as under:

Eclipse in the First House

The eclipse in the first house makes one prone to accidents of various sorts in quick succession. Though not very serious yet more than enough for causing. Crippledness, anxieties and worries.

If the ascendant is a fiery sign then an eclipse in the first house makes one a disturbed person, short tempered but courageous and intelligent. He is late in learning to speak. If the ascendant is an earthy sign the person is highly selfish, ill behaved with his wife, always interested in accumulating money and also of some loose morals. In Gemini, Libra or Aquarius the person remains ill in childhood, has mental troubles, is anti social and faces obstacles in education. If the ascendant is a watery sign i.e. Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, the person is lucky but generally ill, initially tight in money matters. He is also proud and brave to face death.

Eclipse in the Second House

Under favorable aspects the eclipse in the 2nd house favours the individual in the enhancement of the acquisitions or his bank balance and additional sources of income. Adverse aspects and transits of planet through the eclipse point may mean financial losses and failures of ventures. All squares or oppositions in such conditions mean adverse effect. The trines prove favorable.

If the house is a fiery sign under favourable aspects the eclipse would mena progress through self efforts without any support . Such person earn enough money but they are liberal in spending it with the result that they generally leave nothing for the rainy days. They are social but un-mindful of etiquettes and manners. In case the house falls in an earthy sign the eclipse would mean that they have moderate financial resources which increase through their own efforts. They are successful businessmen. They are better in the later half of their lives. The effects in the 2nd house identical with the airy signs are similar to those in the fiery signs.

Solar eclipse in the second house means that the person does have ancestral property but due to failures in ventures that goes off and the native becomes almost a pauper. They work hard and make some progress. They are fearless and work to regain their preivous position. By nature they are not talkative but they are good speakers at the opportune time.

Under unfavourable aspects the family members die in a particularly similar way and the family is exitinguished within two generations. If the eclipse falls under favourable aspects the family has one of the two things. If there was financial affluence earlier they will have wisdom and intelligence in place of the financial affluence. If they had intelligence and wisdom earlier they shall have financial affluence now in place of wisdom and intelligence.

Eclipse in Third House

Under favourable aspects there is all round happiness and harmony. The relatives are helpful and the communications will always bear good news. The adverse aspects cause sorrows and irritations. The communications are either not received or they are received late and bear bad news. The close relations are sources of worry. They are always demanding.

Lunar eclipse in the third house is almost fatal to female natives. Either they die or they may become widow. If nothing of this kind happens there are family discord. In case of male native, they are calm and quiet workers. They are learned also.

Eclipse in the Fourth House

The eclipse occurring in the fourth house under auspicious aspects brings all round joy, peace and happiness. Family members and parents are often sources of joy and happiness. Under unfavourable aspects the effects are just the opposite of it. Domestic life is already affected. There is all round discord. Worries and misery. The parents and other close relatives become burden and a source of anxiety.

The lunar eclipse in this house means an early death of mother and windowhood to the wife. The native is generally away from his birth place. He is a failure in life, humiliated and untrust worthy worthy. He is not amenable to good advice and generally commits blunders in running his business. The immovable property is lost, instability hangs and is always ustable. The eclipse indicates that the family of the native is under bad spell of some earlier curse. Under good aspect the eclipse indicates name, fame and honour to the native. He is engaged in the service of others but does nothing for the betterment of his own kiths and kins. In old age he is troubled his children.

If solar eclipse falls under favourable aspects the native has either no ancestral property or the same is liquidated. He has to work hard for his earnings and progress in his business and wins the trust of others. He earns well and spends in alms and charities.
Solar eclipse under unfavourable aspects makes the individual untrustworthy, having no values for truth or falsehood, right or wrong or moral or immoral life style. So he has no friends or well wishers.

Eclipse in the Fifth House

The good or bad result s of eclipse on the fifth house depends upon the favourable aspects the native gets pleasant family circumstances and society. The children are affectionate and loving. Some sort of recognition or elevation to children will bestow joy and pleasure. Under the unfavourable aspects children become the cause of anxiety and worry. Family may be a drag on him. Disappointment in emotional life may tell upon his health and mental peace. Investments bring about losses and speculaltions prove fatal. Lunar eclipse in this house under favourable aspects makes the person intelligent, research minded and a quiet worker. He wants a sublime love and delivers the same to his wife. He is not very much interested in sexual affection. Either he has no sons or they are short lived. His mother dies early. In unfavourable aspects the person becomes corrupt and loose moral. The solar eclipse under good aspect in this house becomes a yoga, a combination of planets for fame. He is interested in big profitable enterprises. On account of his learning, he goes abroad and establishes worthy organizations. He himself is a quiet, social and kind hearted person. Under unfavourable aspects the same eclipse makes him arrogant with little care of others. He is lethargic, inert emotionally, short tempered and loves to create hurdles for others. He is a rumour mongerer and of loose character. There is a likehood of stomach ailments.

Eclipse in the Sixth House

Sixth house stands for enemies, general health, service and employment. Under good aspect the eclipse favour a healthy body but creates many enemies. The enmity, however, does not last long. His service employement continue without any obstacle or hindrance, attains promotions and the pensionable status easily. The person is interested in Yoga. He is well behaved. If the eclipse falls under unfavourable aspects the person’s health remains a problem. He suffers from recurrent diseases. The doctors usually fail to restore his health. He is interested in Yoga but mistakes in the practice often create problem. Whatever he does for his improvement in any field he proves an utter failure. People start criticizing him and make him an object of unnecessary controversy, as a result he becomes quarrelsome and creates many enemies.

Solar eclipse also in this house under favourable aspects proves beneficial. His hard work brings due rewards to him. He makes progress in his career He gains by opposing his superiors in service. His enemies are vanquished and he maintains good health. The same solar eclipse under evil aspects proves harmful. In matters of health he always suffers from one or the other trouble. Enemies are many. Suffers losses in business. If in employment he, suffers misfortunes and has no take premature retirement. He is selfish and crooked by nature.
In general the eclipse in this house is harmful to maternal uncles and maternal aunts. Maternal aunts, sisters of mothers, may suffers windowhood and maternal uncles may not get male progeny. It may be mentioned here that according to Vashisht the eclipse, lunar or solar is auspicious or beneficial, if it falls in houses 3 , 6 and 10. It has moderat effects, if it falls in houses 2, 7 and 9 and is harmful in all other houses.

Eclipse in the Seventh House

The seventh house stands for the life partner, business partner co-professionals etc. If under favourable aspects the eclipse may cause co-operative spirit and mutual good understanding. Harmony in mutual relations is visible. Under unfavourable aspects there may be mutual misunderstandings or discords. The individual should be very careful and cautious in such matters. He may get involved even in litigations. The business partners and co-professionals may be insincere or even deceitful.

Lunar eclipse under favourable aspects takes its toll of either the life partner or the business partner. If the seventh house fall in an evern sign the effects are normal. Business or life partners go on peacefully. There is no perceptible improvement in professional matters or luck. The wife dies earliear but in an advanced age after lingering ill health. If the eclipse falls in an odd sign under unfavourable combinations there is much disturbance in the affairs concerning life partner and profession. There are more than one marriage. There is no stability in service. Misfortunes and miseries become the part of life. One often thinks of renouncing the world or even committing suicide.

Solar eclipse in the seventh house under favourable aspects brings about nothing of imprtnace in life. Marital relations are normal and pleasant. The person gets recognition in society. He is busy in social service and undertakings much beyond his means. Under unfavourable aspects everything is upset. Relationship with the life partner is discordant and there may be more than one marriage. Employment is not stable. It is hard to get even a house to live in.

Eclipse in the Eight House

Eighth house inter alia stands for longevity , legacy and the hidden side of life etc. The eighth and ninth houses are generally the houses which influence the native in non-physical manner. Occults studies are included in the subjects of the eight house.

Lunar eclipse here under favourable combinations indicates the life of the native upto 38-40 years but in this short period he earns a good name and recognition. Under unfavourable combinations the eclipse shows adverse effects. The native is short lived and the life’s journey becomes quite painful. The solar eclipse under favourable aspects grants life upto 50 years. Early marriage is stipulated. There is only one male child. The native on an average leads a healthy life but there are some throubles in the ealier period. In case the eclipse happens to fall under unfavourable combinations there are all round worries. There is difficulty in marriage, loss of money and illness. Asthma and T.B. are the likely disease that increase worries and anxieties.

Eclipse in the Ninth House

The house stands for poorva Punyas, that is, the meritorious deeds done in the previous lives. It covers religious outlook, father, long journeys, pilgrimages and luck. Unfavourable influence on this house disbalance the entire life. As the factors are non physical in nature, it is generally difficult to foresee the results.

Lunar eclipse in the house under favourable aspects denotes long journeys and pilgrimages, It gives a fillip to spiritualism. One has to work hard in the earliear life but later on his employment is stable. One of the parents dies early. One gets some anscestral property which is later increased by him. The eclipse under favourable aspects also indicates more than one marriage and gives female progeny generally. Under unfavourable aspects the eclipse may make the individual a man of loose marals. The individual is sexually involved with women of lower class. He has to depend upon others for his maintenance. He is wayward and boasting in disposition. He brings ill name to the family.

The solar eclipse in this house under favourable aspects brings about good name to the individual. He gets lucky children. He rises by his own struggles, without external help. He is learned, well behaved, social and kind hearted. He goes in for a love marriage. There is always a discord between the brothers and sisters. He is away form his birth place both for education and vocation. He earns more good will, name and recognition than money. If the eclipse falls under undesirable aspects, misfortunes surrounds the native. The parents die in his early age. Either he has no co-borns and if they are, there are quarrels, discord and disputes only. The person is passpassionate and sexually corrupt. He either has no means of living or if they are there, they are very unstable.

Eclipse in Tenth House

Tenths house is the Karmasthana of the individual. This shows how the person exposes himself to the outside world and the recognition/ depreciation etc. he receives. The house inter alia refers to the occupation. Profession, means of livelihood, temporal honours, dignity etc. Lunar eclipse under favourable aspects indicates that the person has no ancestral property. He does not utilize his education or learning for his own financial benefits. Quite a good portion of his income is used in works of social welfare. Quite a good portion of his income is used in works of social welfare. He has keen intellect and loves justice. In case of unfavourable aspects, the eclipse make the person extremely selfish and waste his time in gossips. To cause hurdles in useful works is his chief characterstics nature. He squanders away his ancestral property. He never sticks to any one job and is quarrelsome.

Solar eclipse in the tenth house is if under auspicious combinations, the person has no ancestral property. Parents die early. It is only after enduring many hardships that the person gets his education. He becomes either a very senior officer or an unexpectedly rising star in business. If solar eclipse is in unfavorable aspects, the native suffers from want in many shapers of life. The native does not have any ancestral property to fall back. He gets no benefits from parents. He has no children. He either adopts a child or he is himself adopted by some body. The life goes on without any perceptible improvement or change for the better. Under normal circumstances, that is, without afflictions or support, solar eclipse in the tenth house is indicative of some progress or improvement in life.

Eclipse in the Eleventh House

The eleventh house mainly refers to gains and hopes. It includes the friends and elder co-borns. Lunar eclipse under favourable aspect is indicative of gains. The person may get elected to the lower house of the legislature. He has more number of female children than the not create any problem to him. The eclipse under unfavourable aspects indicates that the native remains without any progeny. The disease the native suffers from are those of ears and eyes.

Solar eclipse under favourable planetary aspects means sudden great profits, honour and fame in the 36th year of age. In the forst half of his life, he is successful in his undertakings. He has many daughters and only one son who is well placed and quite fortunate in life. Under unfavourable aspects the individual has no children. His wife suffers from menstruation and other problems. There are frequent abortions and if there are children, they are short lived. There are always losses in his business and he is subject to humiliation and financial problems.

Eclipse in the Twelfth House

The house refers among other things to losses, life after death and the residual karmas of the past which are yet to fructify. Lunar eclipse in this house under good aspects means fame and honours. There is much travelling for earning a living in the early life. In later life things get stabilized. Marital relations between the partners are good. The person does not renounce the world but being in the world he actually is not a man of material world. He is well versed in his business affairs. There are sometimes some controversies but they pass off easily.

With lunar eclipse under unfavourable planetary aspects the person becomes corrupt, is subject of controversy, and unexpected miseries. The male children a few in number are opposed to him. There may be separation from wife. Imprisonment may also not be ruled out in certain cases.

Solar eclipse under favourable aspects brings fame to the person. He is popular in society and in society and in the place of work. If in service he gets a high status, and if in business he has a big business. He is liberal in charities and donations to good institutions or societies. He takes part in social and political agitation and faces wrath of the rulers, may be imprisoned or exiled for the same. If the eclips is under unfavourable circumstances or aspects the person is corrupt morally and squanders money on undesirable things. For his living he has to go for various jobs. Sometimes he is in service while at other occasions in business. He is never trustworthy and reliable. He is also never engaged in good works.

In the end, however, it may be pointed out that the eclipse has its effects only when it is in the house 8 to 1. In houses 2 to 7 it has virtually no effects. The results here for the houses 2 to 7 it has virtually no effects. The results here for the houses 2 to 7 have simply been given because classical writers like Varahamihir, Vashisht and others have included these in respective Samhitas etc.