KAAL means death .The person born under kaal sarp yog or dosh passes through death like agonies throughout the life.The Kaal sarp yog is formed when all the planets are situated between Rahu and ketu. Only when all seven planets come between Rahu & Ketu KAAL SARP YOGexist.The person who takes birth in this yog sufferes fro various problem like child problem,loss in business,faily problem etc.This yog is more dangerous than other malefic yog.if are horoscope creat also guru chandal yog,pitra dosha,Angrak yog, then kaalsarpyog more than give dangerous negative effect in ur life.then u have to must remedy of ur kaalsarpyog with Guru Chandal yog ,Pitra dosha or Angarak yog.because without any combined remedy above bad yog u can’t get relief for kaalsarpyog.