From the above brief study of Rahu and Ketu it becomes clear that they are Karmik planets. Ketu is the store house of the they are Karmik planets. Ketu is the store house of the relevant Karmas that have to bear their fruits in the present life. Rahu is the agency through which they bear fruits. In other words Ketu presents our ledger account and Rahu operates that account. The sign dispositiors of the two can, on the basis of the same logic, be called as the Karmik Control Planets. The depositors give us an idea of the various departments of life which are likely to be affected by them. The other retrograde planets at the time of birth are also considered to be the Karmik planets. As our Karmas form the nucleus around which our life events revolve we have to give due regards to Rahu, Ketu and their sign dispositors called the Karmik Control Planets. The houses affected by the Karmik Control Planets should be specially taken account of in any astrological prediction. Rahu and Ketu are the strongest planets in any birth chart because there is no escape from their results. They have not been involoved in good yogas in our classics but the findings of research scholors and experiences of eminent authors have started to illumine our path.

They can be summarized as under. 1.Rahu and Ketu are important because they represent the past and the present of the individual and thus an idea of the future that is yet unborn.

2. The Karmik Control Planets are more important than even the nodes because they indicate the road the native is most likely to follow. The are the points of emphasis in one’s life events.

3. The conjunction of the Karmik Control Planets is almost an assurance of the native attaining heights of greatness.

4. The association of Karmik Control Planets in any way with the Rajayogas formed according to our classical texts strengthens the Yoga even though it is afflicted. In case of affliction, however, the native shall attain the heights but also some steep fall.

5. Even a Rajayoga afflicted by Karmik Control Planets will not be able to grant him the greatness.

6. Any Rajayoga helped by Ketu will make the native great but shall also pull him down. With their association with the Rajayoga the native is likely to enjoy through out his life span.

7. Neptune has also been considered by some as a planet of residual Karmas, who represents the unconscious in all of us.

8. Rahu- Ketu axis in the houses 6 and 12 is very undesirable because 12th house is the house of residual Karmas. The action in such a case is violent.