9th house in a horoscope is called house of dharma, father. When 9th house is under influence of malefic planets, this shows the lack of fulfillment ofpaternal desire. Natural malefic planets like sun, mars, Saturn, may be yogakarak for some lagnas, but rahu and ketu are always malefic for all lagnas.

Ihave found that when 9th house, 9th lord, 9th house from the moon or the lord of 9th from the moon is under influence of rahu and ketu thisindicates Pitra Dosh. Such natives are affected by disruption of education, employment, progress. Those who are physically and mentally handicappedhave such affliction. In your chart both the 9th house and 9th lord is under influence of rahu-ketu. This is definitely Pitra dosh.Remedy 1:On any somwatiamavaasya (when there is amaavasyaa and also Monday) go to peepal tree, offer one janeu to tree and one to Lord Vishnu. Pray to tree and LordVishnu.

Then do 108 Parikrama of tree, with each Parikrama offer a sweet to tree. While doing Parikrama continuously chant the mantra ” OM NAMOBHAGAWATE VAASUDEWAAYA”.After doing parikrama again pray to peepal tree and Lord Vishnu and seek forgiveness.Remedy 2: more remedy is to feed crows and fish with rice with gee and made into balls on every Saturday. Remedy 3:-Pitra dosh mukti yagya anushtaan it’s the best remedy of pitra dosha removal to ur life and his negative effect and also get grace of ur all pitra dev.it will be process of complete 11 th to 21 days it’s depend on ur horoscope.it’s anushtan done by any sadhak of mahakaal not any pandit.